The Productivityist Playbook by Mike Vardy

The Productivityist Playbook

A fully-featured guide designed to get your from guessing to going.

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Improving your productivity comes down to one simple concept: Developing a flexible system that fits your needs.

I’m not talking about creating all these rules, so if one thing goes wrong it all goes out the window.

I’m talking about using a system that all great coaches use.

"Leave as little to chance as possible. Preparation is the key to success." - Paul Brown

Paul Brown is the legendary American football coach who invented the playbook. A playbook is composed of a series of plays that a team will execute in order to compete on every down and – if executed well – hopefully win games.

I developed a more personal approach to everything life threw at me. I created workflows and crafted strategies that have allowed me start and run a business, create a course for CreativeLive, speak at TEDx and other stellar events, teach countless people what I know about personal productivity through Productivityist Coaching and workshops, score a book deal with Wiley (for a book I'm writing right now), and enjoy quality time with my family. And that's just for starters.

I have learned a thing or two about getting a lot of meaningful work done. And I want to help you get a lot of meaningful work done too...and not have to go through the trials and tribulations I did along the way.

That's why I created The Productivityist Playbook.

I wanted to give you a series of "plays" that will help you deal with all of the inputs – internal and external ones – that you have coming at you every day. The kind of things that can steer your attention away from your intentions and keep you from accomplishing the meaningful work that you are meant to do.

Here's what you'll get with The Productivityist Playbook:

  • An ebook to help provide you with the basics you'll need to shape your own personal productivity workflow. I'll review simple and effective strategies to help you deal with your email, calendar, time management, and more.
  • Audio files that will help you get even more out of The Productivityist Playbook. Why? Because my voice will be there to guide you!
  • A series of videos where I dive into some of the tips and tactics that I discuss in the ebook.
  • A base series of 8 "plays" that you can integrate into your life so that you can spend less time guessing and more time going. I'll also be adding more plays to the mix through updates over the next THREE YEARS.
  • A formal introduction to TimeCrafting (formerly known as The NOW Year™ Method), a personal productivity approach that I've designed. This methodology is simple, flexible, and durable, allowing you to deal with what you need to do, decide what you ought to do (and ought not do), and ultimately do more of what you want to do.

The Productivityist Playbook offers a framework to up your personal productivity game, no matter whether it's your first attempt to level up or you've tried countless times before. I've added a ton of value to this product because I want you to take your productivity to the next level and become a "productivityist" in your own right.

It's time for you to put the "personal" back into your productivity. The Productivityist Playbook will help you do that...and more.

So get The Productivityist Playbook for only $29 today!

What's included?

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Playbook + Plays
The Productivityist Playbook - V1.0.pdf
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Audio Files
The Productivityist Playbook - Bonus Audio
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Task Management - How do you define a task?.mov
2 mins
Task Management - How do you figure out which tasks are crucial?.mov
3 mins
Task Management - How do you prioritize tasks?.mov
4 mins
Task Management - Why do crucial tasks matter most?.mov
2 mins
Time Management - How do you know when to shift between time and task-based work?.mov
3 mins
Time Management - Time-based vs. Task-based
3 mins
Time Management - How do you know when you work best during the day?.mov
3 mins
Time Management - What is time chunking and how do you do it?.mov
3 mins
Calendar Management - How can you avoid having too much on your calendar?.mov
2 mins
Calendar Management - How can you manage your calendar as opposed to it managing you?.mov
2 mins
Calendar Management - Does it really matter if you use a paper or digital calendar?.mov
3 mins
Calendar Management - You’ve said you can start your year at any time. How does this help you be more productive?.mov
3 mins
Calendar Management - What are the benefits of setting appointments with yourself or your spouse?.mov
3 mins
Idea Management - How do you know if an idea is good or bad?.mov
2 mins
Idea Management - How do you handle having too many ideas?.mov
2 mins
Idea Management - What are some simple options to capture ideas?.mov
3 mins
Idea Management - Are there times you need to ignore new ideas?.mov
3 mins
Idea Management - Why Capture Everything?.mov
2 mins
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