Control Your Calendar by Mike Vardy
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Control Your Calendar

This one hour interactive virtual workshop will help you take control of your days, weeks, and months using a simple and proven framework.
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A Durable System to Bring Your Plans to Life

Have you ever felt like your week flies by and you wonder where it went? Like you didn't even make a dent in what you really needed and wanted to do during the week because it passes you by at breakneck speed?

(Look at your calendar right now. Can you even believe that we are only a few weeks away from the start of a whole new year?)

I used to feel this way. But I've developed a simple, flexible, and durable framework that helped me become the master of my weeks instead of the other way around.

Now I want to share that framework with you so that you can feel the same way I do. Calm, collected, and in control of the weeks ahead.

This workshop is my way of delivering that framework to you.
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Introducing The Control Your Calendar Workshop

In this one-hour workshop, I’ll walk you through that framework. A framework that will allow you to have more certainty and control over your week – and every week hereafter.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Craft every week in a way that keeps you moving along with it instead of being overrun by it.
  • Figure out EXACTLY what to do during certain days and times during the week instead of getting stuck.
  • Wake up every day with a clear mission in mind for yourself instead of murky questions to ask yourself.
  • Stick to this simple framework no matter what each week throws at you.
The workshop will be presented LIVE on Tuesday November 10th at 5pm ET/2pm PT which will allow for questions to be answered to live participants. A replay will be offered to anyone who cannot attend live - and the workshop will presented in a way that makes it valuable over the long haul. I’ll also deliver resources for you to use in the workshop - whether you attend live or watch the recording.

After taking this workshop you’ll have tools to navigate your week with less overwhelm and more order.
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What You Get...

Workshop Materials
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Welcome to Control Your Calendar!
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The Control Your Calendar Workshop (Replay)
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How long will I have access to the workshop and workshop materials?

Forever. Along with all the upgrades. (And as soon as you purchase the workshop, you’ll have complete access to all the workshop materials and will get a private invite to the live workshop session.)

Will I have personal access to you?

As with anything, within reason. You have full access to me during the live portion of the workshop and I’m happy to answer all questions you may have if I can’t get to your questions during the live workshop or in any follow-up communications. I can answer comments in Podia (where the workshop and materials are hosted) as they come in as well.

How much work do I need to put in?

The 1 hour workshop will be a fantastic jumping off point but you’ll need to put in effort to make the materials presented stick. I believe that personal productivity is a lifestyle and not a “one and done” deal, so commitment to consistency is key when it comes to controlling your calendar (and, in turn, your week).