Beyond Productivity by Mike Vardy
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Beyond Productivity

A New Way of Operating
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The live streaming broadcast of the Beyond Productivity workshop may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't have access to all of the great content delivered during it! This virtual workshop allows you to watch the Beyond Productivity workshop at your leisure...anytime, anywhere!

About the Beyond Productivity Virtual Workshop

Time is our most valuable element. Yet many of us let it pass us by rather than use it to its fullest.

Every one of us on this planet has the exact same amount of time in a day to deal with. It's how we choose to deal with it that separates us. By having a better understanding of how time plays a role in your productivity, you can really take advantage of every moment you have.

That's why you need to go beyond time management.

You need to go beyond productivity.

In this four hour virtual workshop productivity strategist and Productivityist founder Mike Vardy will provide you with tips, tools, and strategies that will help you make the most of your time, allowing you to have more of this incredibly valuable currency. During this workshop you will go beyond the basics of productivity and tap into a productivity approach that allows you to better connect with your to do list, goals, and priorities. This method will give you more freedom which will help you get done what you need to do, keep you from indecision on what you ought to do, and ultimately achieve what you want to do in work and – more importantly – in life.

Topics covered include:

  • A walkthrough of the process Mike uses called "The NOW Year Method" that helps him get more done every single day
  • A framework that allows you to free your mind up from storing so it can spend more time in deep and critical thought
  • A mindset that will enable you to stop time in its tracks
  • A better way to utilize the frameworks that are the clock and the calendar
  • The three keys to crafting your best days, weeks, months, and beyond
  • A method to get your important tasks done without feeling stressed over the urgent tasks on your to-do list

(Note: This workshop is suitable for those new to exploring productivity or those looking to up their game -- regardless of skill level.)

What's included?

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Video Files
Beyond Productivity - pt1.m4v
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Beyond Productivity - pt4.m4v
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Bonus Content: The Daily MAP
The Daily
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Even More Bonus Content
Mode-Based Work - A Beyond Productivity Workshop Audio Primer.mp3
9 mins
The NOW Year Method Report 1 - The Daily Map.pdf
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The NOW Year Method Report 2 - A Look At Logging.pdf
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The NOW Year Method Report 3 - The Power of Theming.pdf
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Productivityist Weekly Theming
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