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The Productivityist Playbook

Improving your productivity comes down to one simple concept: Developing a flexible system that fits your needs. I’m not talking about creating all these rules, so if one thing goes wrong it all goes out the window. I’m talking about using a system that all great coaches use. "Leave as little to chance as possible. Preparation is the key to success." - Paul Brown Paul Brown is the legendary American football coach who invented the playbook. A playbook is composed of a series of plays that a team will execute in order to compete on every down and – if executed well – hopefully win games. I developed a more personal approach to everything life threw at me. I created workflows and crafted strategies that have allowed me start and run a business, create a course for CreativeLive, speak at TEDx and other stellar events, teach countless people what I know about personal productivity through Productivityist Coaching and workshops, score a book deal with Wiley (for a book I'm writing right now), and enjoy quality time with my family. And that's just for starters. I have learned a thing or two about getting a lot of meaningful work done. And I want to help you get a lot of meaningful work done too...and not have to go through the trials and tribulations I did along the way. That's why I created The Productivityist Playbook. I wanted to give you a series of "plays" that will help you deal with all of the inputs – internal and external ones – that you have coming at you every day. The kind of things that can steer your attention away from your intentions and keep you from accomplishing the meaningful work that you are meant to do. Here's what you'll get with The Productivityist Playbook: An ebook to help provide you with the basics you'll need to shape your own personal productivity workflow. I'll review simple and effective strategies to help you deal with your email, calendar, time management, and more. Audio files that will help you get even more out of The Productivityist Playbook. Why? Because my voice will be there to guide you! A series of videos where I dive into some of the tips and tactics that I discuss in the ebook. A base series of 8 "plays" that you can integrate into your life so that you can spend less time guessing and more time going. I'll also be adding more plays to the mix through updates through 2019. A formal introduction to TimeCrafting (formerly known as The NOW Year™ Method), a personal productivity approach that I've designed. This methodology is simple, flexible, and durable, allowing you to deal with what you need to do, decide what you ought to do (and ought not do), and ultimately do more of what you want to do. The Productivityist Playbook offers a framework to up your personal productivity game, no matter whether it's your first attempt to level up or you've tried countless times before. I've added a ton of value to this product because I want you to take your productivity to the next level and become a "productivityist" in your own right. It's time for you to put the "personal" back into your productivity. The Productivityist Playbook will help you do that...and more. So get The Productivityist Playbook today!
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The NOW Year Action Plan Course

The NOW Year Action Plan Course is designed to help you start the year you want anytime you want. Through a series of videos, worksheets, and more, I'm going to help you craft your time for the months, weeks, and days ahead so that you can funnel your focus and make every moment matter in the year ahead. What You'll Get Here's what you'll get with The NOW Year Action Plan Course: Three core modules featuring video training that outline how to give your year focus, make measurable progress over each month on your projects, and define your days like never before so you can move forward every single day. Two additional modules that will help you get started and feature advanced tactics so that you can optimize and personalize your personal productivity framework in a way that works for you. Worksheets and other resources "dripped" your way so that you come away with an actionable plan that you can trust and build upon as the year progresses. Membership in the exclusive Facebook group for course participants. I'll be in there along with members of my team to help you with any questions and requests you may have along the way. The Modules The modules for The NOW Year™ Action Plan Course are outlined as follows: Getting Started: This module welcomes you to the course and highlights all of the tools you'll need to make The NOW Year Action Plan Course work for you. Yearly Theming: In this modules I'll help you get clear about what you want your year to look like at the highest level, using a proven tool to guide your choices for the year rather than complicated vision and mission statements. Monthly Theming: The months may seem long, but they fly by. In this module i'll teach you a proven approach that allows you to make measured progress on your goals throughout each month for as many months as you want. Daily Theming: Some people just want to get through today. Maybe you're one of them. If it seems like the day is running you more than you are running it, then this module is going to be a game-changer. The Next Steps: This module offers supplemental aspects to TimeCrafting (the personal productivity and time management methodology I have created) that can help you gain an even greater advantage over your year - no matter when you choose to start it. There's no time like the present to start crafting the year you want so don't delay. Enroll in The NOW Year Action Plan Course today for just $199 and start planning the year you want today!
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Teach TimeCrafting

Productivityist is currently developing a licensing program for the productivity and time management methodology we teach known as TimeCrafting. If you're interested in bringing this work to your own clientele then enter your email to be notified as updates to the launch of the program become available.
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